Supporting a Climate Emergency Declaration and Action

Dorothy Snot is happy to be the first school worldwide that signed in support of a Climate Emergency Declaration and Action as initiated by CEDAMIA (derived from Climate Emergency Declaration and Mobilisation In Action), which campaigns for a Climate Emergency Declaration at all levels of government.

That means that Dorothy Snot commits to start and support campaigns assisting to the restoration of a safe climate. Under this act, we will get involved in:

– Writing letters to local politicians
– Attending mass Climate Strike rallies
– Organizing or participating in local Strikes at Politicians office/ council/ corporate nasty
– Getting off gas (replacing gas appliances with electric ones)
– Choosing zero/low emissions purchases
– Re-using & recycling all paper used in school
– Making our own bio compost
– Planting trees
– Developing food gardens so kids learn to grow their own food
– Building community care networks (with our alumni club)
– Kids taking all these ideas home (doing with family / friends / extracurricular activities, etc)

The reason we commit in the above, is to assist our children and our families realize the urgent need of restoring world’s climate and take the lead for actions that will help to this direction.

More to come!