Our babies make their own nutrition bars

site-4Projects involving cooking are always very important for our babies’ class (1-2 y.o).

They help kids work with their senses, get acquainted with basic calculation concepts and, of course, enhance their fine motor skills.

Plus, it is so much fun for them!

Such a project ran earlier this year, when children planted their own seeds.

Among the various vegetables it was a small strawberry shrub!site-7

site-2When the fisrt strawberries started to grow, kids decided to use them in making their own nutrition bars.

Teachers provided class with oats, raisins, honey, corn flakes and whatever else needed and children mixed them in producing a nice mix for their own healthy bars!

site-5Children of this age always love doing things with their hands. Using their senses is site-3absolutely the best way to explore the world.

We just have to assist that…


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